1. Acknowledging the fact that the language R is now the most obvious path forward in quantitative analysis, I am now including tutorials using the R package Lavaan. If you are unfamiliar with the R project, I suggest you search it out. A book search at Amazon.com will show that there are new books on detailed applications in R popping out like popcorn!

2. At present (the first half of 2013) a significant part of the additions will relate to demonstrations of models using the "lavaan" package in R.

2. I am currently in the process of developing an implementation of next-generation SEM (working with others). This next generation will add to the classic matrix-based approach of analyzing covariances, which has served us so very well this past 40 years. What we are adding is a graphical modeling approach that relies on local estimation and permits many enhancements. As that implementation takes shape, a new top tab will be added to describe this exciting development.